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chilling, drinking coffee, working, and many other ways.

ONLY $3/hour, free coffee.

and Can try various


We also regularly hold events for beauty products and sake tasting events.

About us

We have been presenting Japanese beauty techniques and culture at this location for 10 years.

We created the café space in order to allow everyone to experience more of Japan's wonderful products and culture.

It is a place where you can chill in your spare time, have a relaxing cup of coffee, and experience Japanese products that have not yet landed in Singapore.


Free Coffee

Coming soon

Free Japanese sample product

Group of diverse friends sitting in modern cafe

ONLY $3/hour

Event Achievements

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KINS is a cosmetic brand supported by many women and has opened a clinic in Singapore.

We support daily skincare with a lineup of products that make good use of bacteria.

We are holding an event to bring together women who are concerned about skin care in our region to provide advice on the correct way to take care of your skin and your intestinal environment in Singapore.

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HINEMOS. is an up-and-coming sake brand that has gained many female fans by sublimating a specialty sake that is easily divided among different tastes into a sake that can be easily enjoyed by many people through its unique interpretation.

This is an event where people can enjoy comparing and pairing 12 different brands of sake.

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